Wellness Plans

Your pet’s health is our priority, so we offer pet wellness plans to help keep them healthy and happy for a lifetime.

Pupppy/Kitten Plans

$ 64
per month
  • Perfect for the yearly wellness of your puppy or kitten
  • Includes monthly heartworm and flea prevention
  • Blood work including heartworm test
  • All core vaccines and boosters
  • Intestinal parasite testing
  • Annual exam and several follow up exams

Adult Canine/Feline Plans

$ 49
per month
  • All core vaccines with an annual exam
  • Monthly flea and heartworm prevention
  • Bloodwork including a heartworm test
  • Intestinal parasite exam

Senior Canine/Feline Plans

$ 59
per month
  • All core vaccines
  • 2 exams
  • Monthly flea and heartworm prevention
  • Intestinal parasite exam
  • Senior testing which includes blood and urine testing

*All plans require a non-refundable enrollment fee of $74.95. If your plan auto renews with us, you will not be required to pay the enrollment fee again.

Additional Pet Plan Benefits

Our pet wellness plans were designed to provide the care your pet needs to ensure a lifetime of optimal health. In the case your pet needs additional services, we have well discounted services on the following items for plan members only. Please see FAQs for additional information about Wellness Plans and what is included in each of them.

Medical Exam(s)


Feline Spay

Canine Spay

Feline Neuter

Canine Neuter

Pet Wellness Plans FAQs

Our wellness plans are not pet insurance. Instead, the plans allow us to provide the best preventive care for your pet with the cost spread out through the year. We do suggest that you consider adding pet insurance plans to work in conjunction with our plans. Some of these pet insurances will cover part of the cost of our plans and cover you on other items too. It could be a way to reduce your cost from our plan and cover your pet on most expected and unforeseen health needs.

One of our team members can help with the selection of the plan that best serves your pet’s current needs. Puppies and kittens require more preventive care, so our puppy and kitten plans cover more services.  Our senior plans are designed for senior pets that require more regular care as they age. Each of these plans include the core vaccines and boosters as needed, labwork, medical exams and monthly heartworm/flea preventative. In addition to the included benefits, we also offer discounts on dental cleanings, spay, neuter and additional medical exams if needed. The discounts on the products and services range from 30-40% off the normal prices.

Unfortunately, no the plans are already deeply discounted from the normal cost so no additional discounts will be given beyond what is already included in the plans.

We have two options for you to choose from to:

  • Option One: Low monthly fee depending on the plan you have selected. These payments are set up securely through our merchant account provider Authorize.net. All major credit cards and electronic checks (ACH) are accepted. We require these monthly plans to be on autopay.
  • Option Two: Pay the plan in full

No, if at some point during the year, you and your veterinarian determine it is appropriate to change the level of your wellness plan, we will set your plan to renew to the desired level for the next plan year.

Each of these plans are based on a twelve-month service agreement. However, you can cancel these plan agreements at any time for any reason. Your options to cancel will be either to pay the remaining plan payments or to pay the difference between the discounted services used and the regular price for these services used. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

We offer two choices for our canine plans.  You can choose Trifexis for Heartworm and flea prevention or you can choose a Proheart injection for Heartworm prevention with Bravecto for flea and tick prevention.  Our feline plans include Revolution Plus which protects your cat against fleas, heartworms, and ticks.

Our current recommended core vaccines include the following:

  • Adult dogs and Puppies – Rabies, DAPP, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus), Bordetella, Canine Influenza;
  • Adult Cats and Kittens – Rabies, FVRCP (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia), Feline Leukemia;

*Core Vaccines can change per the medical director of the hospital as they set fit.

Yes, all plans include a discount on medical exams, a spay, and a neuter. The adult and senior plans also include a discounted dental cleaning.

ItemMember Price
Additional Visits$19.95
Spay – Canine$149.95
Neuter – Canine$124.95
Spay – Feline$149.95
Neuter – Feline$74.95

**Discounted services for dental cleanings, spay and neuter do not include additional blood work as these are already provided in the plans. Additional blood work will be charged at normal price if needed, please discuss with your veterinarian if being requested.

The plan options are designed with the wellness of your pet in mind. The monthly heartworm and flea prevention is included in the plan. However, other prescriptions are not included in these plans.

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