Dog Parents: Why Your Dog’s Nose is Always Wet

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Dog Parents: Why Your Dog’s Nose is Always Wet

If you have ever been around a dog then you have surely experienced feeling their cold, wet nose rub up against you at one time or another. Dogs are famous for having wet and cold noses, but have you ever stopped and wondered why that is?

The simple answer to this question is that dogs have a layer of thin watery mucous that keeps their noses moist. Dogs also frequently lick their noses, further contributing to the moisture. There are several possible reasons why dogs’ noses are usually wet, one of which is that it helps them smell better.

In this article, we will be explaining everything that dog owners need to know about their dogs’ noses. This will include explaining if it is healthy for dogs to have a wet nose among answering some other commonly asked questions. Let’s dive right into it!

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Why do Dogs Have Wet Noses?

While there is no concrete answer to why dogs have wet noses, there are a few possible reasons. The first hypothesis is that wet noses allow dogs to smell things better.

While the second benefit of a wet nose is that it helps cool a dog down since they cannot sweat in the same way that humans can in hot temperatures. Both of these things positively impact a dog’s health and quality of life, and we can assume that both are a factor for dogs having wet noses.

How Does a Dog’s Nose Get Wet?

There are several ways that dogs get their nose wet. The first is that dogs usually have a small amount of thin, clear mucous coming from their noses. This helps keep the nose wet, but it is not the only contributing factor.

The main reason why most dogs have wet noses is that they lick them. That’s right, dogs actually lick their noses to help keep them wet. This is likely a conscious effort on the dog’s part, and it helps them smell things and cool their bodies down.

Sometimes dogs will also get their noses wet during daily activities, particularly when smelling the ground outside. Puddles and mud could easily dampen a dog’s nose, and this is usually nothing that dog owners need to worry too much about.

how does my dog's nose get wet

Is it Bad for a Dog to Have a Wet Nose?

No, it is not bad for dogs to have a wet nose at all. In fact, wet noses on dogs are usually entirely healthy. There are only a few instances where dog owners will need to worry about their dogs’ wet noses. Here are the two cases where a wet nose could indicate that a dog is sick.

The Presence of Abnormally Colored Mucous

Like in people, mucous with an abnormal color is a sign that a dog is sick or experiencing a medical issue. While the seriousness of these medical issues can vary, here are some signs that a dog’s mucous is abnormal:

  • Green or yellow mucous
  • Thick, white mucous
  • Red mucous or blood coming from the nose
  • Foreign bodies present in mucous

If you are concerned about the mucous coming from your dog’s nose then it is best to contact your vet. This is because only a licensed veterinarian can diagnose and treat the issue.

Large Amounts of Mucous

Lots of mucous coming from a dog’s nose is not necessarily normal either, even if it is clear. This could also potentially be a sign of an illness or medical problem in dogs. As a result, it is recommended that you contact your vet as soon as possible if you are worried about the amount of mucous coming from your dog’s nose.

What Does it Mean When a Dog’s Nose is Dry?

So, it is pretty normal for dogs to have wet noses. But what about if your dog’s nose is dry? While a dry nose can sometimes be a sign that a dog is not feeling well, this is not necessarily always the case. Here are all of the reasons why a dog could have a dry nose.

They Were Sleeping

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Dogs do not think to lick their noses while they are sleeping. As a result, it is completely normal for dogs to have a dry nose after a nap or sleeping during the night. As long as your dog is not showing signs of illness or being dehydrated at the time of waking up, they are most likely perfectly fine.

They are Dehydrated

A dry nose can also be a sign of dehydration in dogs. If your dog has a dry nose after exercising or on a hot day then it is a good idea to give them some water. If you suspect severe levels of dehydration or heat stroke, then it is best to call your vet for further instructions.

They are not Feeling Well

Sometimes dry noses on dogs could also be a sign that they are not feeling well. This is especially true if they are exhibiting other troubling symptoms such as lethargy, fever, or loss of appetite. If you suspect that your dog is sick or is suffering from a medical condition then it is best to take them to the vet right away.

Does a Dog’s Wet Nose Mean It’s Happy?

Since wet noses in dogs is usually a sign that they are healthy, many times a dog with a wet nose will be happy as well. However, this is not necessarily always the case, and you cannot read a dog’s mood by its nose alone. Rather, it is a good idea to read their body language to tell if the dog is happy or not.

Is a Wet Nose a Sign of a Healthy Dog?

Generally speaking, yes, a wet nose is a sign that a dog is healthy. That is as long as the dog’s nose is not overly wet or has unusual looking mucous. Most dogs have wet noses, and this is completely normal and healthy most of the time.


In conclusion, it is generally normal for your pup to have a wet nose. However, if your dog’s nose is too wet, or you notice abnormal-colored mucous, you should talk to a vet.

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