An Invigorating Day of Play: Doggie Daycare in New Braunfels, TX

Meeting up with their pals for a day of play can do wonders for your pup’s health and wellbeing. Doggie daycare is an excellent solution for pet parents who want their pups to socialize with other dogs, exercise, and just have fun! At Comal Pet Hospital & Resort, your pet will have a highly trained team of animal lovers making sure all their needs are met.

Our doggie daycare services in New Braunfels, TX can benefit your pet in several key ways:

  • It increases their physical activity, which means a reduced risk for obesity
  • Gives your pet the chance to interact with other dogs and humans
  • Helps them get acclimated to new sights, sounds, and scents
  • Relieves boredom, which can help to reduce anxiety

We offer a safe, sanitary doggie daycare facility designed for maximum enjoyment.

See below to learn more and contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule a quick tour!

Interested in Daycare?
Come See Us for a Free Meet & Greet!

If your precocious canine is new to doggie daycare in New Braunfels, we’d love to help them get a feel for the experience. To start, we do a free Meet and Greet session, which involves 4 hours of play to ensure your pup is a great fit for our daycare. Our team will slowly introduce them to other dogs and see which ones they’ll be able to interact with. All playtime sessions at our daycare are 100% supervised by trained staff. We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible at our daycare so they can have the best time with us!

What to Discover at Our Doggie Daycare Facility

Why is Comal Springs Pet Resort & Spa the best place to bring your pet for playtime? Here is just a preview of what our facility offers:

  • Soft, springy K9 grass (disinfected after each play session)
  • 3 large, covered outdoor play yards with jungle gyms and lots of toys
  • Kiddie-sized swimming pools for pups that love to swim
  • A spacious, climate-controlled indoor play yard for inclement weather
  • 4 covered play-alone yards for dogs that don’t mingle as well with others (they’ll be 1:1 with a team member)

Extra Daycare Perks Your Pup Will Love

  • Cool pup-sicle treats for hot summer days
  • A bubble machine (our guests go crazy for this!)
  • 2 large industrial fans to keep our outdoor spaces extra comfy in the summer
Dog playing w ball
Dog Playing With Rope

What’s in Our Doggie Daycare Package?

Here are our doggie daycare rates and packages. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Meet & Greet (4 hours): FREE

Daycare Half Day (4 hours and under): $20 per day per dog

Daycare Full Day (4 hours and over): $30 per day per dog

Full Day 10+1 Voucher (10 full days + 1 free day): $250

Half Day 10+1 Voucher (10 half days + 1 free half day): $150

4-Day Voucher (Pick any 4 full days, does not have to be same week): $90

Additional Dog: 20% off any items above for each additional dog

Additional Services

15-minute Recess/1:1 time: $15

30-minute Recess/1:1 time: $25

Pup-sicle Treat: $10

Capstar: $22

Have any additional questions about doggie daycare?
Please review our FAQs for more information.