Pet Wellness

For a healthy adult pet, we recommend a visit to our clinic


Since pets age at a much quicker rate than humans, these visits will become increasingly important in early detection of any changes in their health. 

As pet owners ourselves, we know that the relationship you have developed with your pet is unique and important to you. It’s through our experiences that the doctors and staff of Comal Pet Hospital have committed our lives to the care of companion animals. Because our pets can’t tell us how they feel, regular physical examinations play a vital role in maintaining their overall health. While a complete physical examination performed at least once a year is recommended, exams performed every 6 months are preferred considering pets age at a more advanced rate than people.

A routine full-body physical examination provides you and your veterinarian with the opportunity to develop a picture of your pet’s overall health as well as to spot potential medical issues before they become serious health concerns. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask your veterinarian important questions about your pet’s health, habits and daily care. We also use this time to inform you about home health care for your pet and offer important advice and new information on the care of your particular type and breed of animal.


At Comal Pet Hospital, we can keep your pets happy and healthy by utilizing the following:

The physical exam is a very important aspect of your pet’s wellness. During this exam, the doctor evaluates the entire pet, which includes:
  • An eye exam using an ophthalmoscope
  • An ear exam using an otoscope
  • A heart exam using a stethoscope
  • Other points evaluated include teeth, skin, coat, vital signs, body condition, and joints. Doctors also use their hands to palpate the abdominal contents.
On average, veterinary physical exams discover three additional health concerns than what is known by the pet owner.

Internal medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disease inside the body. Common examples include:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Kidney/Urinary Disease
  • Internal Infections
  • Cancer
  • Diseases of the Liver, Gallbladder, Endocrine System (e.g., Diabetes, Adrenal, Thyroid, etc.) and Heart Disease

Utilizing bloodwork values, urinalysis, fecal samples, biopsies, and other laboratory diagnostics beyond a physical examination is an important part of monitoring your pet’s health as well as diagnosing illness, often before clinical signs appear. At Comal Pet Hospital, our in-clinic laboratory equipment and relationship with local laboratories and pathologist allow us to provide timely and accurate information.

At Comal Pet Hospital we believe that timely and convenient access to these medications is an important aspect of caring for your pet, which is why we maintain a comprehensive in-hospital, Online Pharmacy. Our online Pharmacy provides you with a safe and reliable online option to get most of your pet’s medications and food, as well as promotes our goal in supplying our patients with safe, quality medications. Products purchased from our online pharmacy come with a manufacturer guarantee, something that you will not get when purchasing through other online distributors. 

During the exam process, another important aspect of wellness care is educating clients. Together as partners, we can ensure your pet receives all that he or she needs to live a long and quality life.

Although a comprehensive exam is imperative, it may not tell the whole story. Monitoring lab parameters, such as blood analysis and urinalysis, each year alerts us of potentially threatening trends of the internal organs and helps identify internal disease at the earliest stage possible.

We also offer annual blood screenings for all of our patients. If done routinely, these screenings will help our doctors detect potential diseases before they become a serious issue. If caught early, many common diseases can be managed through dietary modifications. Since pets usually don’t exhibit symptoms of many serious diseases, such as kidney or liver disease, until the disease is in its advanced stages, early detection leads to early treatment and can prolong your pet’s life.

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